How to recover broken external hard drive data?


External hard drive is the best mean to store or save important information & data backup. But if it gets corrupt or damaged, it will lead to huge data loss. If you are experiencing such situation where you lost your valuable files from your external hard drive due to hard drive crash, then don’t be upset! Because, recovering deleted data from broken external disk drives became very simple with invention of Windows partition recovery tool. Using this recovery tool, you can easilyrecover broken external hard drive. This recovery program first scans the entire drive and then later on restores all the deleted files as they were before. Using this tool you can recover more than 300 different file formats from various storage devices. It even facilitates you to restore lost / deleted files from flash card of well popular brands such as SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston, Laxer and many more.

Spyware or Malware infection on external hard drive is the most common reason for drive crash. This usually happens when the file system of the external hard drive gets infected by the viruses. File system is the main element of the drive, once the file system of the drive gets corrupt you can’t access a single file from your broken external drive. To overcome from this unforeseen situation and to recover broken external hard drive data, you need help of proficient partition recovery tool such as Windows partition recovery. This is the best to recover files from broken hard drive. Continue reading...

Sometime, users format their external hard drive to change file system of the drive. If any sort of error or interruption occurred during file system conversion process, then it might leads to drive corruption. After this external hard drive becomes inaccessible and gives error messages, which indicates that the file structure of the hard drive is broken. And this in turn results in data loss from the external hard drive. Usually at such situation many questions strikes in users mind like can I recover data from a broken external hard drive? Is broken external hard drive recovery? If yes then how to recover broken external hard drive? All these questions are having only one solution and i.e. “Partition Recovery Tool”. By using the partition recovery software you can simply perform broken external hard drive recovery operation and recover broken external hard drive data. This program can also recover files from Windows 8 based device. So, if you having Windows 8 operating system on your system then also you can use this tool to restore your lost files effectively. This is the finest tool to perform partition recovery on Windows 8.

Interruption in between the file transfer process from external hard drive to PC or vice versa is another reason which results in broken external hard drive. This usually occurred when the external hard is improperly ejected or accidental system shutdown or sudden power failure during the file transfer process from the external hard drive to the hard disk of the computer. Corruption makes external hard drive inaccessible, due to which you can’t access the files stored in it. If you are facing such kind of situation then don’t worry, you can restore your files by using partition recovery tool for Windows. Using this application you can easily recover files from corrupt partition or drive, corrupt due to power fluctuation with utmost ease.

Using this fabulous application you can simply recover files from USB drive after file system corruption. It can even restore file from corrupted Micro SD card, due to abrupt removal of card from card reader. This tool even supports recovery of image file formats such as JPEG, JPG, PNG including RAW images. To find out the chances of broken drive recovery, before purchasing the licensed version user can try free trial version of the wonderful utility.

Follow steps to recover broken external hard drive data:

Step 1: First, connect broken external hard drive with your PC or Latop and download the demo version of the software and launch the Partition Recovery Windows software. Now the main screen will come as shown in the fig A. Select the option "Recover Partitions/Drives".

Recover Broken External Hard Drive - Main Screen

Fig A: Select Recover Partitions/Drives

Step 2: Select either "Partition Recovery" or "Formatted/ Reformatted Recovery"option from this window. On the next page, you need to select the partition to start the restoring process.

Recover Broken External Hard Drive - Select Hard Drive

Fig B: Select Drive

Step 3: After the recovery process is over, it will show the recovered files in a list view. For satisfaction you can preview the recovered files. If the result is satisfactory then you can buy the software.

Recover Broken External Hard Drive - Recovered Files

Fig C: Recovered Files