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How can I Recover Deleted Photos from my Android Phone???

Now-a-days, android phones are widely used as they are crafted with advanced features that make it more popular among the mobile users. Android devices have been designed and produced by Handset Alliance promoted by Google. These phones are generally based on Linux operating system and are introduced mainly for touch screen phones such as Smartphones, Tablet computers and more. Your Android phones can take photographs of beautiful events like birthday party, marriage ceremony, vacation trip with the family, etc. and you can cherish all the memories when remembered as it has huge data storage capacity. It also employs a memory card to store captured images.

Even then there are certain situations that can create panic in users, like losing all their precious pictures stored on Android phone, by imprudently deleting from device using “Delete All” option. After losing images, most of the users start to Google on “can I recover deleted photos from my Android?” With the developed technology, you have best Android photo recovery application that is capable of retrieving deleted or lost pics from Android at your fingertips. It also supports recovery of photos from computer’s hard disk partition. Hence, this powerful android application also knows how to perform deleted partition recovery and rescue valuable pics from it.

Before we learn more advanced and attractive features of this tool, first take a glimpse on below mentioned scenarios that result in loss of pictures from my Android phone.

Common photo file loss from my android phone:

  • Unexpected shutdown of the computer while transferring pictures from the Android device to computer or vice versa, causes incomplete file transfer process thereby making the device corrupt and sometimes delete the present photos leading to loss of precious image files. At times, it may also cause damage to the hard disk partition. But, by making use of this application, you can regain damaged partition data on Windows and Mac machine. Just check out here, in case of more helpful hints.
  • If you delete images from your Android phone on computer or laptop by using any deletion method, would cause permanent deletion of photos as Windows or Mac computer does not provide any manual option to restore deleted files from any external drive. They instead bypass the Recycle Bin or Trash Bin and results in loss of pictures forever.
  • By mistake, hitting on “Format” option on Android phone will delete all the saved photos and other media files from memory card and this would lead to loss of essential photos. Additionally, you may also format your phone memory card to fix formatting errors and solve corruption issues which erases entire card data causing data loss. However, our recovery tool offers an excellent solution for your question how can I recover deleted photos from my Android Phone after format?.
  • Prevention Measures:

    You must always maintain backup of all valuable photos and other media files. As your Android phone is a sophisticated device, you must handle it with care. Always use reliable third party tool to overcome with such obstacles. Avoid using the Android phone memory card in too many unsecured devices as this would increase the chances of memory card corruption and thus thereby leads to loss of images.

    There could be plenty of other factors of photo file loss from an Android phone. But, you can overcome the above data loss situations, by making use of our proficient Android photo recovery program. This tool allows you to restore the deleted or lost photos from my Android powered devices such as Samsung, HTC, Tablet computers and more. The software has potential to undelete partition on external hard disk and laptops of different brands like Acer, Toshiba, Dell and more. Here is the recommended site,  that helps you to solve all your further queries.

    Basic steps to use this recovery software:

    Step1: Download demo version of this utility and install it on your computer’s hard disk. Plug-in the Android phone on which you are restoring deleted images as shown in Figure 1.

    Android Deleted Photo Recovery - Main Screen

    Figure 1: Main Screen

    Step2: Once the device gets detected, run the application and select “Recover Deleted Files” option as shown in Figure 2.

    Android Deleted Photo Recovery - Select option

    Figure 2: Select option

    Step3: Now, choose the Android device from which you want to undelete pictures and then click “Next” button to initiate the recovery process as shown in Figure 3.

    Android Deleted Photo Recovery - Select Android Device

    Figure 3: Select Device

Step4: On completion of photo recovery process, you will be able to see the list of regained photos as shown in Figure 4. Then, you can save the required pictures and if satisfied with the results you can buy its complete software.

Retrieve Data from Partition after Fixmbr Fails - Recovered Files

Figure 4: Recovered files