Partition Recovery Windows



Best Approach to Restore Corrupted Partition Data

The hard drive can be divided into few partitions to maintain data in separate sections. During the format process, you can make the partitions and can even have separate File Systems for the partitions. Making partitions have lots of advantages. You can store similar data in each logical drive, i.e. partition and find it easily to access. You can name the partitions according to your convenience. By looking at the name, you will come to know the type of files you had stored in the particular drive. You can store videos inside a separate partition by naming it “Videos” and store important files in another drive using name “Documents”. So, it will become easily accessible to required files from your computer. You can use different file systems on different partitions.

Though, partitioning of hard drive has numerous advantages, but you cannot avoid data loss situation. You can lose files as a consequence of partition corruption. The partition could get damage because of various reasons like re-partitioning errors, OS crash, virus attack, etc. The corrupted partition will not allow you to access files from it and an error message will pop up while accessing it. The error message is much like “the partition is still not formatted, should you format it now” or “partition table corrupted”.  In order to overcome from such situations, the most suitable choice is always to utilize Windows partition recovery tool.

There are several reasons responsible of partition corruption. Some common causes are mentioned below:

  • Virus attack: Trojans are generally harmful programs which could corrupt partition along with other data structures. When the partition gets corrupted or the information about the partition on the computer gets affected due to virus then the partition goes missing. You can recover missing partition using Windows Partition Recovery Tool.
  • File system corruption: File system is the most significant information organization technique used in Windows computer, which ensures you keep information regarding all the files on FAT and NTFS partition. When it gets corrupted, partition will become inaccessible and the operating system cannot access files stored in it.
  • Partition table corruption: Partition table is really a vital data structure, which usually contains details about all partitions of your system hard drive. If this is corrupted, partition cannot be located or accessed.
  • Hard drive formatting: Formatting is nothing but removing all of the partitions and also files stored on hard drive. Accidental formatting of hard drive can cause partition loss.

In all of these situations, partition recovery application can guide you to successfully recover lost and corrupted partitions on Windows.

Windows partition recovery software can recover complete data from the damaged partition, within few minutes. In addition, it restores photos, video clips, text file etc., from accidentally deleted partitions. You can use this tool if the recovery is required in the partitions, regardless of the scenarios. It has inbuilt scanning algorithm, to scan drive and recover all data from that without missing any single data. It works for both FAT and NTFS partition. This software can restore partition data after Diskpart Clean with ease. You can also preview the data from FAT partition before saving it. It is very simple to use, the consumer just had to click appropriate option leave the software to complete its job. With this fabulous application you can even recover files from formatted drive or partition. Here you will get complete information about formatted drive file recovery.

It is also possible to retrieve text files, multimedia files (photos, videos, music) and then any other files from the missed or deleted partition. It's possible to download trial sort of it, make clear of all doubts about the software before purchasing. For Vista users, recovery of accidentally deleted partition on Windows Vista is possible by using this software.

Software can also be used on external hard drives, pen drives and it supports recovery of partition on desktop as well as laptops of all popular brands like Acer, Sony, HP etc in just few simple clicks of mouse.

Follow steps to restore corrupted partition:

Step 1: First, download the demo version of the software and launch the Partition Recovery Windows software. Now the main screen will come as shown in the fig A. Select the option "Recover Partitions/Drives".

Retrieve Data from Partition after Fixmbr Fails - Main Screen

Fig A: Select Recover Partitions/Drives

Step 2: On the next page, you need to select the partition to start the restoring process.

Retrieve Data from Partition after Fixmbr Fails - Select Hard Drive

Fig B: Select Drive

Step 3: After the recovery process is over, it will show the recovered files in a list view. For satisfaction you can preview the recovered files. If the result is satisfactory then you can buy the software.

Retrieve Data from Partition after Fixmbr Fails - Recovered Files

Fig C: Recovered files