Partition Recovery Windows

Damaged HDD Partition Recovery on Windows

Generally, partitions are made to store files and folders as per they come in use or user store files as per there need on a number of hard drive partitions. It helps user to find out particular type of files because they knows which file or folder is stored in which partition. Sometimes, user finds that the partition in which important data is stored gets damaged because of some unknown reason and error messages pops up when you try to access the damaged HDD partition. At this point where partition gets damaged, user starts worrying, but this will not solve their problem, first of all keep all your worry aside and make use of recover partition software as it is the best application to perform damaged partition recovery on Windows desktops and laptops.

There are number of reasons due to which partition gets damaged, but the main reason is because of file system corruption. Any type of improper operation performed on the partition always results in file system corruption. If you stuck in situation like this where you don’t know what to do to recover data from damaged partition, make use of partition recovery Windows software which performs damaged partition recovery at your fingertips. It also allows user to get back deleted partition on Windows Vista, XP and on Windows 7 in couple of mouse clicks. Industry experts worldwide recommended recover partition tool as the best tool and it is very user friendly as the graphical user interface helps novice users to perform damaged or corrupted partition recovery without facing any complications.

Any type of virus or malware attack on the hard drive partition will always results in damaged partition. These malwares comes from removable data storage drives which are connected to the computer. If any of the file or application which is infected is stored in the hard drive partition, then there are chances of damage in file structure of the partition which eventually leads to damaged hard drive partition and it causes huge data loss to the user. In such miserable situation the only option left for the user is the use of partition recovery Windows application in order to perform smooth recovery of damaged partition in couple of mouse clicks. Moreover, this software enables user to retrieve deleted partitions from portable hard disk drive in just a few steps, look at more info.

To maintain space on the hard drive, sometimes user perform merging or resizing process on partitions, if any sort of error or interruption in between this operation always left the hard drive partition in a damaged state. Generally, such type of process interrupted due to continuous power failures and because of this reason your system shut down abruptly and the entire process of partition resizing or merging will fail in between and left user to face data loss issues. The partition may go missing from the user interface. But you don’t have to worry as you have partition recovery Windows tool with you to restore missing partition, look at this now. Many people make use of third party applications to re-partition the hard drive. If so, extreme care should be taken while selecting the third party applications, because usage of pirated or outdated versions of third party applications may delete the existing partition leading to severe data loss. In such situations use partition recovery Windows tool to restore deleted partition. Apart from all this, it helps user to restore corrupted partitions from IDE, SCSI and also from SATA hard disk drives with ease. You can even recover data from drives of laptops like Toshiba, Lenovo, Fujitsu, HP, etc. Click here for more info on how to recover HP laptop partition.

Steps to perform damaged partition recovery or to konow more:

(i): Launch the free demo version of Partition Recovery Windows software. Now on the home screen as illustrated in the fig 1, select the option "Recover Partitions/Drives".

Damaged Partition Recovery - Main Window

Fig 1: Home Screen

(ii): On the next screen of the software, select "Partition Recovery" and after this select the damaged partition to start the recovery prcoess as illustrated in figure 2.

Damaged Partition Recovery - Drive Selection Page

Fig 2: Select Partition

()iii: As soon as the recovery process is over, software will show the recovered files in a list view. For satisfaction you can preview the recovered files. If the result is satisfactory then you can buy the software.

Damaged Partition Recovery - Results Obtained

Fig 3: Recovered Files