Partition Recovery Windows


How would you retrieve data from RAW Partition?

A RAW partition means that the file system of your computer is damaged and Windows operating system is unable to recognize which file system it is weather FAT, NTFS or EXFAT. File system is the critical part of any operating system because it is mainly used to save and manipulate the stored data in a very systematic manner. Any sort of corruption to this file system will turn partition into RAW, when you right click the partition then it displays file system as RAW and drive space as 0 bytes.

This RAW partition would not allow you to access the stored and also makes your computer unbootable causing data loss. In such miserable situation, you have to go for some reliable and trustworthy recovery software’s which does not cause further loss of files. Windows partition recovery tool is among the best applications that helps user to recover data from RAW partition easily with accuracy. Thus, it can successfully recover NTFS and FAT partitions from Windows hard drive within short period of time. In order to get more details on this tool, check out this site

Common reasons for losing data due to RAW partition can be given as:

  • Terminating the computer abruptly leads to improper exit of the file system, which in turn damages structures of the file system. Damaged file system makes your partition as RAW and all of the files residing inside that partition becomes unreadable and inhibits access to its users resulting in data loss.
  • Hard drive partition of your computer becomes RAW partition when its partition table or MBR gets damaged because of some reason. As they hold information relevant to the created partitions, any kind of corruption to this partition table would make a drive RAW. This issue can be solved by using Fixmbr command. If this command fails, then you can get files off from partition after fixmbr fails by using our partition rescue program. Pop over here, in case you want to know complete details.
  • When you are updating file system, the operating system will not write updates directly to the drive. First, it writes the updates to buffer cache and then it fills up the information together with the suitable inode numbers that helps in locating the files. After which the files are written to the drive. So, any type of interruptions during the process of updating i.e. prior the buffer contents are written on the partition might corrupt the file system making it RAW partition and inaccessible causing data loss.
  • It is possible that there could be plenty of other reasons responsible for the drive to become Raw, but every problem has its solution. Likewise, if you have lost your valuable data because of any of the reasons mentioned above then do not waste your time and get Windows partition recovery software. The software provides the perfect solution for the question can i recover deleted photos from my Android device, flash drive, memory card and many more digital products. For detailed information, keep reading this article. This utility is build with smart scanning engine which performs scanning of the drive to locate the file types and retrieves files on the basis of its file extension. You can even user this smart utility to recover file from formatted drive. Visit this site to read more about formatted drive recovery.

    The software can rescue more than 300 file types. All file formats like photos, videos, music, etc. are easily restored by employing this toolkit. Windows operating system versions like Vista, XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 are all supported by this application. It can carry out corrupted partition recovery from SATA, SCSI and IDE hard drives easily and quickly.

    Steps to use Windows partition recovery program:

    Step1: Download trial version of this toolkit and set up installation on hard disk of your system. Launch the application and select “Recover Drives” option from the main screen as in Figure 1.

    Recover Data from RAW Partition - Main Screen

    Figure 1: Main Screen

    Step2: Then from the next screen as in Figure 2, select “Partition Recovery” option.

    Recover Data from RAW Partition - Select Partition Recovery

    Figure 2: Select Partition Recovery

    Step3: The software starts scanning and a list of logical drives will appear, choose RAW drive and click on “Next” as in Figure 3.

    Retrieve Data from Partition after Fixmbr Fails - Select Hard Drive

    Figure 3: Select Drive

Step3: Step4: Once the restoration process gets completed, you can view the recovered data from RAW partition by using “Preview” option as in Figure 4.

Recover Data from RAW Partition  - Recovered Files

Figure 4: Recovered files