Best Way to Defrag Windows 7 Hard Drive

If you are a Windows7 computer user and experiencing slow performance of system due to fragmentation of your hard drive then need not panic. It is needless to say that after such type of situation you will be annoyed and might be looking for an application which can easily boost the performance of your system, by defragging Windows 7 hard drive. Fortunately there exists a very useful tool which is known as Remo MORE. Generally, fragmentation problem encounters when data of hard drive is altered across the whole drive.  How data scatters of hard drive is a really nice question that always stirs in the mind of people. When we make any modification in files or folders stored on your hard drive, chances of spreading data are high over the time of use. If you try to access data from hard drive once it is fragmented then it takes a lot of time compared to normal access time, which in turns slowdown performance of your Windows 7.

Apart from performance issue, fragmentation also wastes your hard drive space and you are not able to utilize your Windows 7 hard drive in an efficient manner.This is because; data will be spread across the entire hard drive in small chunks in non-contagious manner and thus hard drive starts underperforming. Fragmentation not only poses problem for users but it also reduces the life span of hard drive as fragmentation causes high work load of hard drive.

There could me many reasons behind the fragmentation of hard drive in Windows 7. One of them could be virus which makes changes in your hard drive data in an ill manner and causes to spilt data in small pieces. It also creates duplicate contents of your hard drive data which in turns clogs your systems. If you want to sort out this problem then you should regularly perform defragmentation of your hard drive. When it comes to defragging hard drive then you should make use of a reliable application which can defrag your hard drive data without and modification in original data. Remo MORE is a type of tool which can be best tool for you. It is capable to defrag your hard drive data in just a matter of second in just few clicks of mouse. Once MORE has defragmented hard drive it starts working fast and you would be able to load application at faster speed. This tool has become buzz word among the users of world because of its excellent performance. It is developed upon very sophisticated algorithms which assist it to defrag hard drive by performing rigorous scanning of whole hard drive within a very little time spare.  Many software veterans have suggested this tool for making use to handle the fragmentation problem of hard drive. You can also use this tool to defrag external hard drive or flash drive and many more storage drive with ease. You can get this tool from internet within a fraction of second by clicking couple of mouse.

Simple steps to defrag Windows 7 hard drive:

1: Download and install Remo MORE on the Windows 7 computer. Select "Drive Defrag" from the manage screen of the software as shown in figure 1.

 How to Defrag Windows 7 Hard Drive - Select Drive Defrag

Figure 1: Select Drive Defrag

2: Select the hard drive which you want to defrag from the list of hard drives as shown in fig 2.

 How to Defrag Windows 7 Hard Drive - Select Hard Drive

Figure 2: Select Hard Drive

3:After this MORE will start analyzing the hard drive for defraging as shown in figure 3.

 How to Defrag Windows 7 Hard Drive - Analyzing Disk

Figure 3: Analyzing Disk

4: From this screen of Remo MORE you have to select types of Defragmentation method as shown in fig 4.

 How to Defrag Windows 7 Hard Drive - Select type of Defrag

Figure 4: Select type of Defrag

5: Select Defrag Full Drive from this screen shot of tool to perform defragging of Windows 7 hard drive as shown in figure 5.

 How to Defrag Windows 7 Hard Drive - Select Defrag Full Drive

Figure 5: Select Defrag Full Drive