Partition Recovery Windows


Simplest way to retrieve Kingston partition

In this fast growing world, computers have become the basic need of all the people and the cost of it is so reasonable that it even an average person can afford it. Computers mainly use a single unit called hard disks to store wide range of files which can be further divided into several smaller storage units that are known as partitions. Hard drives are available in various brands such as Lexar, Kingston, Maxtor, Western Digital, Hitachi etc. Among these Kingston is an American computer Technology multinational company which designs and manufactures flash memory and computer related flash memory devices like hard drives, flash drives, memory cards and many more. By mistake have you ever deleted one of the Kingston partitions on your Windows system? If deleted Kingston partition was full with some essential files and folders, loss of it may get you in big problem. Now are you desperate and searching out a way to find files from deleted Kingston partition??? The only option to carry out Kingston partition recovery after unintentional deletion is to use some effective recovery tool.

In the market, there are lots of restoration software’s that are reviewed by technical experts to rescue the files residing into partition. Windows partition recovery software is the most reliable and recommended tool which helps you in restoring lost files not only from deleted Kingston partition but can even retrieve deleted partition from external hard disk. Browse around this website to extract complete information regarding this recovery application.

Apart from losing files from Kingston partition because of accidental deletion, there are numerous other factors that are responsible for deletion or loss of Kingston Partition.

Chief factors of data loss from Kingston partition:

  • File system conversion error: If you face any type of errors while converting a Kingston partition from one file system into another i.e. FAT32 to NTFS then the EFS (Encryption details) of stored files is lost. This will not permit the users to view their files saved in that specific Kingston partition causing data loss.
  • Insecure disk partitioning software’s: Usage of unsafe partitioning tool to create dual or multi boot Kingston partitions may generate partitioning errors which can damage or corrupt the Boot sector of the hard disk. Boot sector is the first physical sector of hard drive that stores the entire details about partitions like total number of partitions present, which partition is booting, start and end point of sector, size of sector, etc. Thus, boot sector corruption will result in loss of existing partition along with stored files.
  • Power Spikes: If your Windows PC shutdowns improperly because of power outages or improper power connections then it may lead to corruption of file system of Kingston partition and might make your Kingston partition as RAW, which in turn do not let you to access the data causing loss of files. But, by using this restoration toolkit, you can recover data from RAW partition of Kingston with utmost ease.
  • Virus Intrusion: Malware attack on your computer will damage the MBR (Master Boot Record) that holds the partition table and the present partitions will be lost leading to severe loss of stored data.
  • Formatting: Most of the users to speed up their PC’s performance or to make system free from deadly viruses format their hard disk partitions. Formatting the partitions without taking appropriate backup of stored files and folders will make you to suffer heavy loss of data. In addition to this, you may also format your Kingston partition inadvertently which would result in data loss. By making use of Windows partition recovery tool you can restore NTFS partition, FAT16, FAT32 and EXFAT partitions after formatting or reformatting the hard disk on Windows computer. Click here to investigate more about this partition recovery program.
  • These were some of the frequently occurring data loss scenarios. But there could be several other reasons that will result in loss of crucial files and folders stored in Kingston partition. In order to avoid data loss, always you have to create a backup copy of vital files so that in data loss situations you can rescue the lost files from it. Also you should not write any new data onto the partition from where you have lost the data as this will prevent overwriting of original data and enhances the chances of file recovery. In addition to this, install good antivirus tool to protect your computer from virus infection and use strong power source to avoid abrupt computer turn off.

    Even if these safety measures will not work out then no need to get panic, you can opt for recovery tool i.e. Windows partition recovery tool.

    Notable features of this recovery Toolkit:

    • The software makes use of powerful scanning algorithm which scans the entire Kingston partition to locate file types and then restores files by using their unique file extensions.

    • It supports file recovery of more than 300 types of files from various Kingston devices like flash drives, hard disks, memory cards, etc. and it can also be used as flash drive partition recovery.

    • This tool is capable enough to get back data from deleted, inaccessible, corrupt or lost Kingston partition. Click here to know more about recovery of lost data from partition.

    • You can run this comprehensive utility on all the versions of Windows operating system (Like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 including earlier versions such as Windows 2000, Windows server 2008, etc.

    • By making use of this partition recovery software, one can easily restore damaged partitions data from different hard drive types such as SCSI, SATA, IDE and many other types.

    Basic steps to use this recovery software:

    Step1: Download the demo version of this utility and do the installation on the hard drive of your Windows based computer. Just double click on the shortcut desktop icon to launch the software and then choose “Recover Drives” option which appears on the main screen as shown in Figure A.

    Kingston Partition Recovery - Main Screen

    Figure A: Main Screen

    Step2: Now select the Kingston partition from where you want to get back lost or deleted data in the list of logical drives displayed on the screen and click “Next” to start the recovery process as in Figure B.

    Kingston Partition Recovery - Select Hard Drive

    Figure B: Select Drive

    Step3: Once the partition recovery process is completed, you can preview the restored files by using either “File Type View” or “Data Type View”. If you are happy with the outcomes you can get its licensed version from online.

    Kingston Partition Recovery - Recovered Files

    Figure C: Recovered files