Partition Recovery Windows

Is it Possible to Rescue Laptop Hard Drive Partition?

The answer to this question is definitely YES! In fact, when a partition is deleted / lost it is no longer recognized by the laptop. Whereas the data from that deleted or lost partition still lie down on its same location, you just lost the way to access it. By using a proficient partition recovery application such as Windows partition recovery software you will be able to recover your important files from the deleted or lost partition.

You might be well aware with the term “Disk partitioning”. Using “Disk Management tool” we split laptop hard disk into multiple sections and these small sections are called as partitions. Partitions are required to arrange system files in proper manner. It is very useful to run more than one operating system. Though it is very easy to divide HDD using disk management tool, but you have to be very careful while using this tool, otherwise may face the problem of partition loss.

Sometime, while using disk management tool to create new partition user accidentally clicked on delete option and lose entire data stored in that particular partition. Losing valuable due to own mistake is really hurting. If you get stuck in similar kind of situation, then don’t lose your calmness, because there is a way to deleted partition. Refer this site, here you will get the solution to overcome from this situation.

Along with the accidental deletion there are some more reasons which results in partition loss. Like actual partition can be deleted while operating system reinstallation. Usually, users reinstall their operating system to boost up the systems performance. But during this process they may lose valuable files like documents, pictures, and music files. Hard drive failure and OS crash are the other to big reason for partition loss.

Partition can be lost due to severe spyware or malware infection on it. So many deadly viruses are there either infect you laptop partition or delete it like malware, spyware, and Trojans are the most widely spread viruses which could cause partition loss. These viruses will damage the partition table and makes the partition inaccessible. To overcome from this situation Windows partition recovery tool is the best option, this tool recover your deleted/ lost / corrupted partition data within few minutes.

By using partition recovery utility you can easily recover deleted or lost hard drive partitions. You can even use this tool to get back deleted/lost partition from external hard drive. This tool first scans the entire hard drive to find all deleted and lost partition. Using this tool you can recover deleted partition from NTFS, NTFS5,FAT16, FAT32, exFAT drives. To know how? visit this page link

With the help of this tool you can even bypasses the bad sectors on hard drive and generates disk image of hard drive, from where you can easily recovered anticipated files. This tool supports partition recovery from DELL Laptop, HP, Acer, Sony, Toshiba and various other Laptop brands.

It even gives you an option to save recovery session, it help you to avoid re-scanning your hard drive and resume the saving process any time. Choosing preview option you can preview the rescued files before saving them. It allows you to save recovered on optical storage drive also such as CD / DVD. It supports recovery of compressed files from formatted partition. Expert has designed this tool in such a way that it can even recover files from crashed or inaccessible external hard drive. So, if the one who lost his valuable file due to portable hard drive crash, then try this tool and restore your lost files back. Further info...

This application is specially designed for Windows users to perform partition recovery. Trial version of this program was also there, it facilitates you to evaluate the probability of recovery before buying the licensed version of the tool. Now, the software is also capable of restoring deleted or lost pictures from android based devices. Hence, it provides an excellent answer for the question can i recover deleted photos from my Android phone.


Simple Steps to Perform Laptop Partition ecovery:

Step 1: Download and install Windows Partition Recovery Software on your laptop. Run the software to get the home page of the software as given below. Select "Recover Drives" option to recover laptop partition.

Laptop Partition Recovery - Select Recover Partitions/Drives

Figure 1: Select Recover Partitions/Drives

Step 2: Select the drive of the laptop and click on next. The software starts scanning the drive.

Laptop Partition Recovery - Select Drive

Figure 2: Select Drive

Step 3: As the scanning process gets completed, the files are listed on the screen of the software. Preview the files and save them on the computer.

Laptop Partition Recovery - Recovered files

Figure 3: Recovered files