Partition Recovery Windows


How to Recover Missing Partition?

The partitioning of hard drive plays a major role in the maintenance of the environment of the computer. The hard drive of the computer can be divided into few logical drives. You can store the Operating System and some essential software. In the other drives you can store data for differentiating frequently used data, official data, personal data, etc. The main advantage of making partitions is to improve the speed performance of the system. The partitions are flexible; you can delete, extend or shrink the partition.

At times you wonder to discover that the partition goes missing from the User Interface all of a sudden. When you were working on a file on your computer, the power surge occurred and the system got turned off. As you have a deadline nearby, you have to finish the work as faster as possible. Hence, you turn on the computer again. When you were working on it, once more the power surges. This happened few times and finally resulted in the loss of the partition. When you turn on the system, you could not find the partition on the User Interface. Due to sudden power surges, the partition went missing. This happened because the information about the partition had gone missing due to partition table corruption or MBR corruption after power surges. In that case, you need recovery software to for missing partition recovery. Windows partition recovery can be done effectively using Windows Partition Recovery Software.

Few scenarios in which partition goes missing from the Windows OS:

Re-installation of OS: After Operating System re-installation, all the partitions on the previous version of OS will be deleted. The partition goes missing. If you have not backed up the data in it then you will lose all the data on the computer. In such situation, you can recover the data from the missing partition using recovery software. Windows Partition Recovery Software is the most recommended recovery software.

Accidental formatting: After formatting, the partitions on the computer hard drive will be deleted and you won’t be able to find it. The missing partition might have had very necessary data in it. You may have formatted the hard drive accidentally and hence do not have the backup of the data. In such situations, you need recovery software for missing partition recovery. Windows Partition Recovery Software is one of the reliable software for formatted drive data recovery.

Re-sizing partition: The partition may be resized if you are running short of space to store similar data in one of the partitions. You can utilize the free memory space on the hard drive to extend the partition or you can shrink a partition on the hard drive with less data in it and more free space. While shrinking, the process may go wrong and the partition may go missing from the User Interface. In such situation, you can use recovery software to recover partition on hard drive.

Virus attack: There are viruses which affect even the boot sector, MBR, partition table on the hard drive. As a result, the partition on the computer goes missing. The OS fails to mount the partition because of lack of information about the partition due to virus infection. In such cases, you can recover the missing partition and the files from it using recovery software. Windows Partition Recovery Software is one of the efficient recovery software.

Advantageous features of Windows Partition Recovery Software:

The Windows Partition Recovery Software recovers the missing partition from the hard drives of the Windows OS effectively. It supports recovery of partition from different versions of Microsoft Windows OS like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP efficiently. You can even recover deleted partition from external hard drive using the software. The software has user friendly interface and hence is easy to use. The software rigorously scans the storage drives to get back the missing partition and then the file from it. The software supports recovery of partitions having different file systems. Hence, you can recover FAT partition and NTFS partition on the Windows OS of the computers. The software supports recovery of missing partition from SATA, SCSI, IDE hard drives. You can save the recovery session to avoid rescanning of the partition to recover files from it. You need not to worry about how to recover corrupted partition, as you have this software to take care of it.

Steps to recover missing partition using Windows Partition Recovery Software:

Step 1: Download and install the WindowsPartition Recovery Software on Windows computer. Run the software and select the option, "Recover Partitions/Drives"from the main page. Then select "Partition Recovery" or "Drive Recovery" from the next window, depending on the loss scenario.

Missing Partition Recovery - Main Screen

Fig A: Select Recover Partitions/Drives

Step 2: Select the hard drive of the computer to scan for the missing partition. Then click on "Next" option to initiate the scanning process.

Missing Partition Recovery - Select Hard Drive

Fig B: Select Drive

Step 3: After scanning, the file systems will be displyed. Select the file system which was missing and click on "Next" to scan the files in it and recover them. After scanning, you can preview the resulted files and save them on the computer.

Missing Partition Recovery - Recovered Files

Fig C: Recovered files