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Software to recover Quick formatted NTFS partition

NTFS is abbreviated as New Technology File System which is an efficient proprietary file system developed and introduced by Microsoft Inc. Partitions created on computer uses NTFS file system for proper organization of data. Although NTFS partitions offer high level data security, but under some uncertain circumstances the data from these NTFS partitions may go missing and leave you in troublesome situations. Formatting is among the most common reason for loss of partition data, which occurs intentionally or accidentally. There are two ways in which users perform formatting operation i.e. full format and Quick format.

However, Quick format is the usual way users choose to format their partition. By relying on quick format one can save time because it just wipes out all the data and directory information from the root directory of the hard drive where as full format though erases data, it overwrites the space which in turn takes much time. But, if done without taking backup of crucial data, then it would result in severe loss of data. Are you the one who has formatted their NTFS partition using Quick format option? Now tensed a lot and looking up for reliable tool to recover Quick formatted NTFS partition data?

Well, need not worry much!!! You can easily recover lost data back if you have an updated backup source. If you don’t, still formatted partition data recovery is possible by using our Windows partition recovery tool.

Scenarios that causes loss of data from NTFS partition due to Quick format:

  • At times your computer fails to boot as a result of registry errors, which in turn does not let the user to access their partition data and thus people format their computer in order to tackle with such problem and end up losing their essential partition data. However, through the use of this partition rescue tool, it’s very easy to restore data from quick formatted NTFS partition.
  • Sometimes, in hurry when trying to format some corrupted NTFS partition people may unknowingly format the wrong NTFS partition that is loaded with important data. Hence causing loss of data from that particular partition. By using Windows partition recovery software, you can recover hard drive partition data after format with utmost ease. Read more here, for detailed information.
  • Bad Media spots also called as bad sectors on a NFTS partition are mainly caused due to electrostatic power surge or because of aged hard disk drive, would make you to format your partition. But, in case you perform Quick format operation without taking backup of stored files, then it could result in loss of data. Recovery tool helps user to recover Quick formatted NTFS partition files easily and quickly.
  • Note: In order to avoid the occurrence of data loss situations, it is suggested to maintain a proper backup copy of important files and folders and save them on reliable secondary storage drive. Also, Before you perform a Quick format operation, always take a backup of stored partition data.

    Need not worry if you have performed a quick format on your NTFS partition because of any of the above defined reasons. This software is counted as the best restoration software that helps user to restore NTFS partition after quick format. Just go ahead and download this partition recovery tool that is highly recommended by industry experts. The person with less computer knowledge can also use this utility to recover Quick formatted NTFS partition data due to its user friendly interface. This application also helps you in performing damaged or corrupted partition recovery just within a few minutes. Check out the below mentioned URL to extract more details.

    Procedure to retrieve Quick formatted NTFS Partition:

    Step1: Get the trial version of this software and do the installation on the hard drive of your Windows computer. Run the application and select “Recover Drives” from the main window as depicted in Figure 1. Then choose “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” from the next screen.

    Recover Quick Formatted NTFS Partition - Main Screen

    Figure 1: Main Screen

    Step2: Now, from the list of drives present on the computer select the formatted partition and click “Next” as depicted in Figure 2.

    Recover Quick Formatted NTFS Partition  - Select Drive

    Figure 2: Select Drive

    Step3: Once done with the process, the software displays the list of recovered data. You can preview the restored formatted partition data and save them on your computer as depicted in Figure 3..

    Recover Quick Formatted NTFS Partition  - Recovered Files

    Figure 3: Recovered Files