Recover Data from Windows 10 Partition


Have you lost or deleted your Windows 10 system drive partition? Are you looking a reliable way to perform Windows 10 partition recovery? Do you want to recover Windows 10 drive partition? If yes, then there is no need worry about it because you can easily recover Windows 10 system hard drive partition with the help of an efficient third party app like Partition Recovery Windows. It is one of the highly effective programs which have enough potential to restore Windows 10 partition data very easily. Not only Windows 10, it is also capable to recover deleted data from Windows 7 operating system easily. To know more, check this page:

Windows 10 is one of the latest Windows NT series operating system developed and marketed by Microsoft Corp. It is the updated version of Microsoft Windows 8.1 systems. Compare to previous versions of Microsoft Windows series OS; Windows 10 is safe and secure system. There are a large number of new features introduced in this newly launched Windows 10 system. In order to save the data, user device the Windows 10 hard drive into multiple parts as per their need. These parts of hard drive are known as partition. By using these partitions, people can store their data in an organized way and retrieved them very easily. Beside this, sometimes, people face partition deletion or loss issue. After encountering such difficult situation, people want to recover Windows 10 drive partition data at any cost.

In order to retrieve data from Windows 10 partitions, people can take the help Partition Recovery Windows application because there is no other way to get beck data from Windows 10 drive partition. Before talking about the Windows 10 partition recovery procedure, let us talk some most common reasons which may lead to partition deletion:

OS Re-Installation: At the time of reinstalling operating system, people need to format particular partition to make free memory space for installing OS. In this process, if people select wrong partition and format that, then the complete data present in this partition get deleted permanently.

File System Corruption: File system is capable to store, track and manage the data present in the drive partition. It is used by operating system to track the information exist in the partition. If this file system gets damaged due to virus infection or any other cause, then it will lead to entire partition data inaccessibility and to access this partition, people need to format the partition by which data get removed from it.

Virus Infection: If the Windows 10 partition gets infected with any dangerous virus, then it makes the drive partition unreachable. These viruses are the small computer program which is capable to delete or corrupt the data present in partition.

In order to perform Windows 10 partition recovery, people can take the help of Partition Recovery Windows software. This easy to use app supports data recovery from various data storage devices such as flash drives, external hard drive, Solid State drive, etc. which can be manufactured by any world leading brand, including Western Digital, Transcend, Seagate, HP, Apple, Kingston, Fujitsu, Quantum, Samsung, etc. very easily. This application is also capable to recover data from RAW partitions without any difficulty. It supports data recovery from Windows 10 partitions which can support any file systems like FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS, etc. without any difficulty.

Steps to Restore Data from Windows 10 Partition:

1: First, download the app and launch the installed Partition Recovery Windows software to open its main screen as shown in the below figure.

Windows 10 Partition Recovery - Main Screen

Figure 1: Select Recover Partitions / Drives

2: On next screen, you need to select the hard drive partition from which you need to retrieve data as shown in figure and press Next.

Recover Windows 10 Drive Partition - Select Hard Drive

Figure 2: Select Drive Partition

3: After selecting the partition name it will scan the computer and it will show all the recovered files. You can see the preview of recovered files. To save all recovered partition buy the software.

Recover Windows 10 System Hard Drive Partition - Recovered Files

Figure 3: Recovered files